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Fr. Denis writes for "Your Daily Scriptural Reflection in April

Fr. Denis, the prolific writer that he is, has written a piece for the “Your Daily Scriptural Reflection” this month, on the redemtoristdenver.org website. It's a good way to start the weekend. Click on the Daily Reflections tab. God bless, everyone.

I read my horoscope in the daily newspaper faithfully. Is there anything wrong with this? I don’t take what it says seriously, but sometimes the predictions do come true.

Many people enjoy reading their daily horoscopes as a form of entertainment. Like you, they don’t take it seriously. When it’s approached in this lighthearted way, there is no sin. Others, however, take their horoscopes seriously. Perhaps they don’t realize what might underlie their fascination with it. Could it be a desire to escape responsibility? It’s a cop-out to believe horoscope advice like, “If the position of the stars makes you act a certain way, then you’re not responsible for your actions.” This thinking doesn’t acknowledge that God, as Lord of the universe, is the creator of these stars and their movements. It’s absurd to ascribe mystical powers to the stars themselves as if they could influence us independently of God’s providence. What about predictions that come true? Reread that horoscope and you’ll usually find it was worded in such a general way that it would fit almost any situation. There’s also the aspect of the self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you’re going to have a certain type of day, you are more likely to have that type of day. Your approach affects your day, not an outside force. The future will always contain unknowns. For Christians, however, the unknown is cushioned by the belief that all things are in the providential hands of a loving God.

From Understanding Scrupulosity: Questions and Encouragement, © 2017 Liguori Publications

Mass Intentions Published in Weekly Bulletin, No Longer Announced at Masses 

We wanted to let everyone know that since Mass Intentions are included in the weekend bulletin, they will not be announced at Masses.



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Our Mother of Perpetual Help

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Second Saturday - After 5:30pm Mass










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